Our Guarantees

Savings or your money back

cloudBuy expect you to make significant savings, and guarantee that you will identify more savings than the cost of the pack.

cloudBuy have now analysed around 25% of NHS spend, plus Local Authority and other government data. In all cases there are immediate, actionable savings opportunities.

The savings opportunities for a large organisations are substantial.  From our work to date we are confident that a single data analysis for your organisation will have an immediate payback, and will provide the information that you require to run an effective cost reduction programme.

Guaranteed Security

SpendInsight is available under buying solutions framework RM505 and covers all security levels including the following classifications of protectively marked documents: RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, TOP SECRET, and higher levels through collaboration with a secure establishment.

cloudBuy must be advised in advance should any of the information be under the Government protective marking scheme, and pricing will reflect an appropriate security plan for the data.  All standard security is included in the published website price.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

cloudBuy have been operating a secure confidential marketplace for over 10 years. All buyer and supplier data is provided in confidence, and will be protected by cloudBuy whilst in the care of cloudBuy.’

Your data is covered by cloudBuy‘s confidentiality from the point where you enter into any initial discussions with cloudBuy or provide any data.  cloudBuy has an established track record and process for ensuring client data confidentiality, and regards all client data, plans and other information as confidential.  This commitment is over and above any confidentiality agreement.