Data Analysis

cloudBuy have created the first artificial intelligence engine that can understand everything you're buying and match it all up.

Made for dirty data

cloudBuy have embarked on three years of research to solve the problem of how to analyse incomplete or inaccurate data (including free text orders) and turn it into simple, easy-to-use reports that drive savings.

The automated data cleanse

cloudBuy's artificial intelligence engine can match and classify data without manual intervention.

This means cloudBuy's spend analysis is fast and low-cost. It would be impossible to offer line-item level analysis manually.

So what is it?

The output from the analysis is in the form of a Microsoft Access database, with a complete set of cleaned and classified data that identifies cost savings in procurement and benchmarks your purchasing.

Purchasing Managers won't need any special software to make use of these reports - it works immediately through a Microsoft Excel front-end.