How it works

  • Get results fast: fully-automated for 7-day turnaround
  • Find genuine cashable savings with full granular, line-item level reporting
  • How are you really performing? SpendInsight benchmarks you against Europe’s largest pool of spend data
  • Over £120 billion analysed to date
  • Eradicate maverick spend by assessing compliance to contracts and supplier agreements

What is SpendInsight

cloudBuy SpendInsight is the ultimate budget pruning tool. Powered by artificial intelligence technology (the outcome of a three-year knowledge transfer partnership with cloudBuy, The University of Reading and Goldsmiths College, London), we’ll interrogate your data down to line-item level to identify exactly where your procurement pound is not achieving the best price. As well as highlighting these examples of poor value, we’ll benchmark each product against the hundreds of other buying organisations in our data pool to work out a fair benchmark price for you to aim for. Finally, we’ll work alongside your legacy systems to show you not only orders that contravened contract pricing, but the specifics of that order - right down to requisitioner. These revelations will spearhead your spend recovery efforts.